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How my work improved by having a minimalist office

How my work improved by having a minimalist office

I didn't want to move my office. But it was time for the baby to get his own room. So we shuffled the house. Jack took my office. I took the lounge. We moved the TV to the family room/toy room.  

Seeing I was moving my office, I decided now was as good a time as any to cull the stuff I really didn't need. I hoped the new office would be a good place to do creative work, thus I wanted as little in their as possible. 

I was ruthless with what I threw out.  

I ended up with just my desk, computer, and one filing cabinet. 

That's it.  

I keep nothing on my desk other than a mouse and a keyboard, and occasionally my phone sits there while I work.  

But apart from having an asthetically pleasing work environment, I've found one other phenomenon from living this way.  

My mind feels like it has more space. I do better work. And it's clearer to me what I have to work on next.  

It can be a battle at times to keep the office this way. I'll be holding a bunch of things and the desk looks so inviting to just leave them there "until later". But so far I've been able to make sure I get rid of everything off it each day, and the next day is much easier to start.  

Is the news giving us depression?

Is the news giving us depression?