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A Brilliant Idea

A Brilliant Idea

A Brilliant Idea

You know those amazing moments when you’re sitting down doing something of no particular consequence, when all of a sudden everything you have ever learned in life causes your brain to perform a wonderful little calculation that it computes just perfectly and you are struck with that incredible thing called an IDEA?!

I do. I used to get them every from time to time. Some of them were dumb. Some of them were brilliant. Some of them were already thought of by someone else. I loved having them all the same but figured they simply came (or didn’t come) when they chose and there was little a person could do to force them.

I came across a guy named James Altucher who reckoned that he had an ”idea muscle” that if exercised enough would get stronger and better at coming up with ideas.

So I started writing down my ideas when they came to me. I have my iPhone with me all the time, so whenever I get an idea I simply open the notes app and write “idea” followed by whatever just struck me. I get ideas for businesses all the time, for apps or websites, for articles to write or blog about, for books that need to be written and many other things. 

And wouldn’t you know it… after a couple of months the ideas started increasing in both frequency and quality. I write down what I roughly think is a “good” idea about once every 2 days. And who knows, maybe they will continue to increase. Even the ideas that I know are not that great or will never be given the time or the notion to be carried out are valuable, as I believe they still help train my sub conscious brain to solve problems.

But what happens to all these ideas we all have every day? I’m sure most of them never see the light of day due to the fact that we have other ideas, or better ideas, or we’re too busy or scared or broke or whatever. However, I think most ideas never get shared with the world  because we want to hang on to them and ensure that if anyone is going to profit from the idea it will be us. 

But not everyone feels that way. Some people, when they know they cannot nurture their idea to fulfilment themselves, recognise the need to send their idea out into the world for it to germinate and grow. Miigle.com is a social network that is trying to foster this very thing.

Whether you feel the need to share your idea with the rest of the world or not, I thoroughly encourage you to write your idea down as soon as you can. Somewhere safe, so you can look back on it at when you need to. The exercise will encourage your brain to keep spitting out more ideas. And one day, you might just give birth to the idea you are completely convinced you need to spend the rest of your life bringing to fruition.

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