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You're doing it wrong, wife

When I married my wife, I learned a lot about how people do things differently. You know, people hang their clothes on the line differently (you're meant to hang shirts upside down, why aren't the pegs colour coordinated?) , people mow their lawns differently (pay someone else to do it, I don't care that your Dad always mowed the lawn, good for him), people put the role of toilet paper on the holder differently (the paper is meant to roll outwards toward me, what is this madness?).

Then there's the "opening a file on the computer" thing.

Me: "Jane, where did you save that very important word document?"

Wife: "Under WORD, of course!"

Me: "What do you mean? What folder is it in?"

Wife: "Open Word, then open the document and you'll see it?"

Me: "I don't want to open Word, I just want to know where you saved it?"

Wife: "What are you talking about?"

Me: "Show me where it is."

Wife opens word, then selects open documents. "Look, here it is!"

Me: "You know you can just go into here and browse all your files without having to open Word?"

Wife: "This is easier."

Me: "You're doing it wrong!"

That was six years ago. It drove me nuts. Sometimes she would tell me that the document she was looking for didn't exist. "It's an excel spreadsheet honey. You've opened Word and then tried to find it, it's only going to show you Word documents. This is why you're doing it wrong!" I would say.

But it didn't matter what I said. In her mind, the way to find something was to open the program and the open the document. Thus, the document existed inside the program in her mind.

Which leads me to Apple's iPad and iPhone way of doing things.

Steve Jobs and Apple had been telling the world that my wife's way of doing things was the right way, and while I feel somewhat handicapped by not being able to access a list of all my files and documents, I am somewhat impressed by how much Apple understand my wife, even more so than I do at times.

iOS (iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch) doesn't really allow for a file browsing way of doing things, but for my teenagers and my wife, life is rosey. Apple understand their way of thinking, and I think for the average non-tech nutter out there, the peace and tranquility received by doing things this way will cement Apple's way of doing things as THE way of doing things, and force people like me to learn to adapt. 

Perhaps I was doing it wrong all along.

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