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There's two types of entrepreneur

Entrepreneur get's thrown around a lot. 

What I'm trying to say is, there's two types of people who succeed in unusual businesses.

The first: The bold risk taker. This guy has spotted a niche, or perhaps had a brain wave. Maybe he's seen a way to bring two mediocre products together to make one awesome service. Probably he's spent months agonising over how to get the product to market. He's fought hard to stay motivated in the face of criticism, laughter from friends, and self doubt. His desire to make the world a better place managed to outweigh his need for stability and a regular pay cheque and he went forward and put his hands to work on his idea without any promise of return or reward. He is a trail blazer, a leader, and a dreamer.

The second: The simple guy who didn't even know he was taking a risk. He always got fired for being irresponsible or unmotivated and gave up trying to work for others, and just started doing whatever he found to do. He only has strange business ideas because he doesn't understand how the world works, and remarkably his ignorance actually ends up producing things people love and he makes a bunch of money.

Often the two get confused. The trail blazer is thought of as an idiot and told that he doesn't understand how the world works.

And the "simpleton" is often glorified after the fact as a hero and a leader, an entrepreneur who can see into the future.

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