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Review of the iPad Air

In a nutshell: I really like it, but couldn't say yet if I love it.

When I switched from the iPad 2 to the 3, I was not altogether stoked. The heat and the added weight spoiled any awesomeness the retina display brought.

I bought the mini as soon as it was available. It was a godsend, but felt somewhat like a compromise. Not so much because of the crappy non retina screen. More so because all the buttons and icons were simply scaled down from the regular iPad. All the touch targets now felt too small.

I still preferred it to the iPad 3.

I started a business that required me to be able to demonstrate websites on the road. So my five year old bought my mini off me, and i bought the iPad 4 because of the larger screen.

But the thrill I had when when I first got the iPad 2 died, as the iPad 4 basically became a device I felt I needed to put up with so I could have a portable screen to show customers stuff.

I would use it to watch movies in bed, and it was still good for emails and stuff. But not brilliant for everything else I needed. Mainly because of the weight.

I never bothered to get the icons exactly how I wanted them. I didn't care to personalise it much. It took ages to charge. I know it was still the best iPad on the market. But it still lacked what I really wanted in a device.

Now I have the Air.

Firstly, Safari crashes on websites with too much content. I don't know if it's an iOS 7 issue, and iPad Air issue, or not enough ram in the thing. But I'm sad to report that even though the Air is flipping awesome in terms of its weight and size and beautiful screen... It still isn't a laptop replacement.

If you really don't do any online content creation other than tumblr or Facebook posts, then I suppose it will be perfect.

But you'll need to own a personal computer still to handle all your video and photo storage needs... Unless you're tech savvy enough to set cloud storage options from your device. If you are though you probably own and use desktop/laptop computers anyway.

The Air is promising though.

It shows me we are on the path to replacing PCs with iPads.

The camera needs to improve and a flash needs to be added. (Despite the daggy look of using a tablet as a camera, people are doing it). And iOS 7 still needs a lot of love.

But most importantly, web developers need to realise they're stupid websites and the power needed to render the HTML are not tablet friendly, and they need to invest in making some good native apps.

It is starting to reach the point now where I will give up on a service rather than get off the couch and get my MacBook.

I can run (most of) my website, social media, post news stories, share images, handle email, watch movies, browse twitter, send push notifications, read Instagram, browse the web, kill time in YouTube, check web stats, take notes, play dumb games... all more efficiently and conveniently on my iPad than my Mac.

So if I have to get off my iPad Air and get my MacBook to use your service, and there's another service that's almost as good that works well on the iPad, chances are I'll be saying goodbye to you.

I'm not quite in love with the iPad Air yet, but I'm going to reach for it first for most tasks and see how it goes. So far it's been impressive.

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