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Why your sex will always matter

There's one good reason why it will be hard to ever move completely away from expectations placed on people because of their sex.

It's because it's built into our language.

English that is.

This cup belongs to him. This cup belongs to her.

Once upon a time a woman's marital status was needed to be able to even address her. Now we have Ms, it can start to no longer be an issue.

Imagine a world where you didn't even need to know someone's sex in order to refer to them.

If there was a new word for him or her... or if we all just used him...

I mean seriously, why do words like that really need to explain someone's gender? Shouldn't we have a word for hermaphrodites if it was really necessary?

If we no longer even referred to people as their gender, maybe over time people would stop feeling obligated to act in a certain way because "that's what men do".

I'm not suggesting for a second that being feminine or masculine is not important. Of course there are wonderful differences between the sexes that should be celebrated. Men on the whole have inbuilt genetic traits that make them wonderfully male. And women have things that will always be exclusively theirs. Heck, our brains work differently, our bodies function differently, our hormones and our genes are different. There's no glory in pretending men and women are not different.

But there might be a few too many expectations put on our shoulders because we are constantly reminded each day that we are a he or a she.

I doubt I would lose my genetic male-ness if I wasn't told I was a man each day. But I might lose some of the pressure to act in a way I presume men are meant to act.

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