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More Jobs than Bozo

Opinion articles bagging someone else's opinion article don't inspire me much usually. Nevertheless, new Apple employee Kevin Lynch has been derided by everyone's favourite tech/Apple/independent writer John Gruber as a potential bad hire, and indeed a bozo.

I have nothing to say on the validity of the hiring of Mr Lynch, nor any prophecies to make on his future success or demise.

I only wish to point out that to slam him for his past declarations of the validity of Flash, a product he was responsible for pushing, which turned out to be grossly inaccurate can hardly be considered meat for criticism  and is actually inconsistent with a certain former Apple CEO's way of doing things.

One matter that springs to mind is the famous "7 inch tablets are DOA" line by Steve Jobs. It proved to be completely untrue, and in fact Apple's new 7.9" iPad Mini is now deemed by John Gruber to be "The Real iPad". But no-one suggests Steven Jobs was an unsuitable employee for Apple.

Why it would seem unusual for a leader in a company to engage in rhetoric in an attempt to sway public opinion, and ultimately demand and uptake, for a potentially very profitable division of its company, is beyond me.

Sell what you have

I  worked in sales for many years. Most sales people like to think their profession involves diagnosing a customer's needs/wants, and then offering them a suitable product. 

But in reality, this only ever works to a point. If you are selling used cars, and you have a vehicle that is 80% suitable for a client, and your competitor has a product that is 100% suitable, are you really going to send them to your competitor and make no money at all?

In an ideal world of course you would, because you care about your fellow human more than you care about your own personal financial standings.

But I rarely saw it happen.

If Apple had had a 7" tablet earlier, they would have said how great they were and pushed theirs whole heartedly.

If Adobe had another standard up their sleeve to replace Flash then they would have pushed that instead.

And so it would appear Kevin Lynch is a regular guy. He tried to sell what he had.

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