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Facebook's Chatheads is brilliant

After debuting the new feature CHATHEADS at the launch of their new Android infection called Home, Facebook released an update to their iOS app, so now iPhone users like myself get to try their new weirdly named messaging interface.

And it's a winner.

Maybe the name's not that weird. Heck, Facebook and Twitter sounded like weird names 5 years ago.

Basically you now have a small unobtrusive messaging icon/disc/head that will float over your Facebook interface, and when you select it active conversations will expand.

You can easily ditch heads you're not talking with any more by sliding them to the bottom of the screen.

It's great as it doesn't interrupt your timeline or stalker browsing, and it's just downright cool.

I would love to see Apple embrace what Facebook are doing, confess their sins inasmuch as they lack the wisdom to build their own social network, and simply open up iMessage so it can integrate with Chatheads in a "baked into the operating system" kind of way.

Sure, it's giving Facebook some serious leverage, but who cares. A better user experience for a world addicted to checking their timelines and messages is better than holding onto a shred of hope that one day Apple will have a competing product.

I hope for all the Android users out there Google don't try to elbow Facebook off Android either.

I'm not about to switch to Android for the sake of Facebook Home... BUT, when I activate my sleeping phone I currently see a static picture (currently my son) for a few seconds, followed by a grid of icons with little red circles in their corners quietly asking for my attention.

If instead I was greated by a recent interesting FB post, with my app icons only a gesture away, that would be fine by me.

Would it means people would spend even more time on the dreaded "smartphone" thereby neglecting their nearby loved ones.


Would you prefer we went back to using the TV as our primary method of ignoring nearby family?


Facebook are so caring

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