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They're not going to sell you an iPhone

Carriers hate Apple.

It's been reported plenty of times before now, and we've all long suspected it.

But this week having met with managers of two separate phone retailers from different carriers the truth was hit home yet again. They both reported in the most forthright manner the fact that while they admit Apple make good devices, they don't make anywhere near the money they do on an iPhone compared to an Android device. 

So who can blame them for pushing Android phones over an iPhone? If you made next to no money on a pretty iPhone and a heck of a lot on an Android device, why would you tell Mrs Jones she should get an iPhone because it's easier for her to use? 

Well, maybe YOU would. But I can hardly imagine any normal business owner preferring to push a device he earns less money from. 

Thus when talking about the "Android vs Apple" thingy that we often do, it's worth considering the amount of people that will walk into a store quite happy to buy whatever is suggested to them by the friendly and trustworthy shop assistant... and realising none of those people will walk out with an iPhone (even though they would be the least likely person to benefit from Android's "openness").


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