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Facebook are so caring

You may have noticed the extra step Facebook have added if you click a link in your newsfeed taking you to another website that isn't Facebook.

It could be that they genuinely want to warn you EVERY SINGLE TIME you try to leave Facebook about the perils of using the scary internet that they don't own.

Or perhaps there's been a genuine spike in deceptive websites that pretend to be Facebook and are tricking people into giving them their FB user credentials.

But I can't help but suspect that adding a hurdle to leaving Facebook might just keep people in their newsfeeds a little longer.

I expect to see Facebook verified sites sites coming soon. They'll have a little bit of extra tracking info on them to help Facebook ensure they're "safe". And conveniently Facebook might know just a little bit more about you and your surfing behaviour.

What would be interesting to see though would be Facebook ads embedded on non Facebook sites. If Facebook already know all about you, they'll be the best company to be able to serve up relevant ads, not just on Facebook, but wherever you travel. The more I think about it, the more I expect Facebook to launch an Adwords and Adsense competitor any day now.

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