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Why blogs are better than news

Running a hyper local online news business, I have come to learn about the some of the challenges that come with being in the media industry.

Mostly it's to do with expectations.

If people think you're an opinionated blog, then people are happy for you to write things from a subjective and opinionated point of view. But you won't be considered a "serious" news source. And any unbiased news you print will just come across as boring.

If you strive to be "proper" news media, you'll be loudly criticised whenever something you write bears a whiff of an opinion one of your readers doesn't hold.

And that's fine. But let's face it. Newspapers have used subtle tactics forever to portray a point of view yet be seen to be unbiased.

It's easy to quote someone else, and wash your hands of the opinion you just published... and of course leave out the fact that you had to call ten people before you could find someone with the opinion you wanted to quote.

Seeing this play out in other local media sources in my city has made me sick. I'd rather write something, declare "this is how I see the world", and let people be pissed off and choose to never visit my site/app/fbpage again if they so choose.

I guess newspapers have known about this conundrum for a long time, and have solved the problem by sticking the word "opinion" at the top of the page.

Come to think of it, I always found the opinion articles far more enjoyable to read. I was going to get the information from one human to another, how that other human saw it.

And that's what the word BLOG promises me when I see it.

It promises me that not only will there be some information here, but it's going to be presented through the eyes of a person. You may disagree, you may laugh, you might feel like you've met a kindred spirit. But that human to human connection stands a chance of existing because whatever is going to be written here will be by someone who hasn't gone to journalism school and had all the imaginary virtues of faux objectivity beaten into them.

I know the term 'blog' for many still conjures an image of an unemployed person in his/her pyjamas... But there are a good handful of bloggers that I genuinely look forward to reading whenever they post something (or record a podcast)... but there are now a total of zero 'news' services I look forward to reading/watching/listening to.

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