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The ridiculously good iPhone 5s

It's hard to be objective when I have used only iPhones for so long now. (Though I have played with various Android and Windows devices and never been tempted enough to switch.)

But I really need to tell you that the iPhone 5s is really ridiculously good.

There's the operating system iOS7. It has a couple of kinks still to iron out... but it's full of so many hidden treasures that make using this phone as my primary computer an absolute pleasure. I feel I can safely declare it an absolute success for Apple.

Then there's the camera. How damn good can a smartphone camera get?! It's just absurdly good. The dual tone flashes. The slo mo. The built in filters. The rapid shot feature. Plus all the features you know and love like panorama, blah blah. It's better than any camera I've ever owned by a long shot. I don't really understand technically why it's so good and I love that I don't have to. If you have children you should own an iPhone and a Flickr account (to dump the millions of photos you will take. Also note: get the app called CameraSync to automatically upload all your pics to Flickr each time you come home.)

And then there's the fingerprint sensor.

It actually works!

And it works well.

Really well. So well that my other iPhones and iPads and even my Mac feel primitive already, having to enter a passcode to use them.

I am beyond impressed with the quality of the fingerprint sensor, called Touch ID.

Siri seems to have gotten better. She's been serving me well the last few days as I've made the conscious effort to put her through her paces a little more than usual.

Word is that the 5s is twice as fast as the 5. And recent reports show the touch screen on the 5 is way more responsive than even the best Android phones available.

The 5s only adds to the distance Apple is creating between its competitors in this area.

When the iPhone 6 arrives, hopefully with a bigger screen option, I expect the premium smartphone market will look somewhat different. But until competitors can get something worthy of competing to market, Apple can breathe a little easier knowing it has hit a home run with the 5s.

I've said before, I love the fact that Android exists, and that someone is trying to give Apple a run for their money. But the innovations in the 5s, iOS7 and the addition of Touch ID really make anyone who says "Apple isn't innovating" look completely absurd.

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