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Why are my children treated so disrespectfully?

I notice as I walk around the supermarkets with my two young children, aged 4 and 6, there's a level of disrespect commonly shown towards them that I can only put down to their age. 

If I am walking or standing in an aisle, a person who wants to pass me will invariably go around me, even if it means waiting a moment or manouvering their laden trolley. 

But if it's one of my children in their way, they expect the child to move. Sometimes they will almost move the child themselves.  

I cannot understand this, and I am quite offended by it to be honest.  

Also, sometimes people when walking around won't see my children and will walk in to them, because my children are short (tall for their age, but they're young) and not in the normal plane of vision. But instead of apologising for not seeing my children, they will act frustrated that a child dared to be in their way.  

The exact same thing could have happened if it were a dwarf or midget, but I am sure they would have profusely apologised if that was the case, rather than blame them.  

This is the main problem I have with how people act toward children, but there's other things too... the condescending tones, the lies, the demand for a please or thank you, things that could be excused but ultametly seem inappropriate to me.

I have learned from the few years under my belt as a parent, that children don't learn what you teach them, they learn what they see you do.  

If you want children to be courteous, just do it and they will copy. If you want them to say please and thank you, demonstrate it.  

But I'm not ok with adults bullying my children or making them observe practices that adults are not made to observe. 

So why do we adults act like this? I thought we all loved children and thought of them as the most precious things on the earth. 

I don't know the answer, but I will give it some thought.  



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