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I haven't purchased an iPhone 6 plus yet

I nearly did. Several times. 

But something has stopped me this time. 

I have been hanging out for a larger screen iPhone for some time, and I suppose it's only a matter of "when" I get one. 

But my 5s works perfectly. I have a spare 5 and 5s sitting around doing nothing that also work fine. As well as a Samsung Galaxy S4 I turn on once every two months to check something in one of my apps on Android. 

My iPad Air hardly gets touched, except for movies in bed. 

And I have 2 27" 2014 model iMacs that serve pretty much only as monitors for my primary iMac (yes, three iMacs on my desk.)

I have little use for my MacBook Air 11" which is only 2 years old and works like a dream. I have a spare brand new Windows 7 Asus Laptop that I am struggling to find a use for. My 5 year old Vaio desktop works fine, but is only used as a Minecaft computer by my 6 year old. 

My 4 and 6 year olds have their own iPads each, 15 year old has her MacBook Pro, iPad and Smartphone, my wife has her own iPhone and iPad Mini. 

I have a new 60" Sony Bravia TV and my 42" LCD TV is sitting in the wardrobe waiting for a purpose in life. There's a perfectly functional laptop in the cupboard that runs XP, and I'm pretty sure there's a Windows phone and another Android phone of some description floating around somewhere in my office drawers. 

Then there's the piles of routers, external hard drives and other peripherals that I can't be stuffed selling, don't have a current use for, but are all too good to ditch, sitting around in sandwich bags in drawers and cupboards taking up space.

I'd love my iPhone to be bigger. But what I'd really like is for it to be the only device I own, replacing desktops and iPads. But that won't happen for a few years at least sadly. 

It might be time for a garage sale though. 

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