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Men hitting women

It's pretty well established that men hitting women is unacceptable. Society doesn't tolerate it. TV shows don't put funny scenes in of a man slapping a woman down or punching her in the stomach.

But why is it cool for so much entertainment to include footage of women hitting men? Slapping, punching, splashing drinks on... 


Teen girls hurting teen boys. 

Women hitting men. 

And pretty much all the time it's humorous. Or it's meant to be. 

I'm not sure if it's women writers trying to empower other women... getting revenge, or something else. 

I've thought for some time about the matter. 

Men are being assaulted by women in the name of humour and society is being told over and over that it's ok for a woman to hit a man. 

And if you complain about it people will laugh at you. 

Remember how devastated the NFL was recently over allegations a player belted his significant other in an elevator?

Remember how Jimmy Fallon made nightly jokes for a week when Solange assaulted JayZ in an elevator?

As a man I am offended every time I see it, and even more offended by society seeing it as a gleeful moment. 

But after some consideration I think this phenomenon actually does more harm to women than men. 

Here's why:

It's says, "women are weak and if they hit you should react to it like a young child hit you." 

It says, "women are emotional and react to things without thinking and therefore can't be held accountable for their actions, unlike men who know how to control their strength."

It says, "ha ha, a woman tried to hurt someone and she thinks she's tough but she's really just a woman."

It says, "She's just a woman."

Until women hold themselves to the same standard they hold men to, they won't be taken as seriously as men.

It's not ok for men to hit women.

Because women are valuable, and men are strong, responsible and capable of communicating without resorting to violence. 

If it's ok for women to hit men, then the inverse cannot be true.

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