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5 Questions to ask yourself regarding your career

If they didn’t pay me, would I want to do this in my spare time anyway?

If my job had no prestige about it, and was regarded by my friends as dead end, would I do it?

Do I make money by improving the lives of others, or by exploiting the weaknesses of others?

Will I be proud to tell my grandchildren of the work I currently do?

Do I find it hard to stop doing my work, or I am desperate to leave and escape at the end of a week?

Most people I meet do work they hate to buy things they need. Thing is though, the things they “need” include an oversized house, a second car, second mortgage, pay tv, holidays, Christmas presents for friends they don’t want to offend, clothes they won’t wear more than twice, wine they actually don’t like the taste of but at least they look sophisticated, a new computer, new curtains, toys for the kids with overflowing toy boxes…

Maybe you need to work doing anything just so you can buy food… and I recommend you do have food.

But if you can: Do what makes you come alive. The world needs you alive.

I occasionally ask my son (pictured) what he wants to do when he is an adult. He always says the same thing… I just want to be a kid.

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