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5 Reasons I will be Buying the iPad Mini as Soon as it is Released

The iPad Mini (maybe)

The iPad Mini (maybe)

You may have heard the rumours about a new iPad being released shortly by Apple.

Essentially, Apple have not said a single word about it, and there have been no pictures of parts leaked from the factories that I am aware of.

But a couple of larger media organisations reported on such a product from “reliable sources” a month or so ago, and no-one thinks these are the type of newspapers to go around printing unsubstantiated rumours. So the “source” was probably Apple itself.

In addition to that, from the market buzz that has generated since that time, there seems to be such an overwhelming sense of anticipation over the potential of the product that even if Apple hadn’t planned on making a miniature iPad before, they sure as heck would want to now.

Why haven’t they made one sooner?

The late great founder of Apple Steve Jobs famously dissed the idea of a seven inch tablet (the normal iPad is a ten inch) saying they were useless. He supposed people would need to sand their fingers down to use them properly.

To a point he is correct. I have owned the normal iPad’s and they are just the right size to use an on-screen keyboard with both hands.


The ten inch iPad has a couple of things working against it. Namely that it’s size makes it not really that portable, and it’s weight makes it a little uncomfortable to be held for very long in certain positions.

So here’s why I will be lining up to get an iPad Mini ASAP (actually I’ll probably just order it online).

1. I used to have an iPad and sold it and now I miss it terribly.

I bought a MacBook Air 11” and figured it could replace my iPad. And while it certainly can do more things than the iPad, it can’t do certain things as well as an iPad can…

2. I would love a tablet that was a bit more portable.

When I used my iPhone and iPad in business, the iPhone felt a bit to poxy to use as a note taking device in front of customers, and the iPad 10” felt a bit too cumbersome. Something in between would have been perfect. Also, I reckon a 7” would fit in my jacket pockets nicely.

3. It won’t cost much at all.

A new iPad 2 is only $400. So expect the iPad mini to be between $200-$320. And at that sort of money, you can just go out and buy it without even giving it a second thought… sort of.

4. It will be better to watch movies on than my iPhone or my MacBook.

macbook no good for movies in bed

macbook no good for movies in bed

I love sitting in bed watching movies on my devices. But the iPhone is a tad small. And the problem with the Mac is this. As I start to get tired I like to lie on my side. It’s something I have always done. I start on my back, medium tired = roll onto side, ready to sleep = roll onto stomach. But with my Mac I can’t really stand it on its side while I watch Breaking Bad in bed. An iPad is perfect for this.

5. I need another babysitting device for my kids. (I admit it.) My wife’s iPad is usually fought over between my 2 young boys, and my teenage daughters have their own iPads. I’m ok on my Mac, but it means one of the boys usually has to settle for an iPhone to chill out with. So on Saturday mornings when we all just veg out in the lounge room after a productive week of school, work, blogging, and playgroup, one more iOS device of a decent size would be just perfect. And I suspect an iPad Mini would be just the right size for my two year old.

Are you going to get an iPad Mini when they launch? What would happily you pay for it?

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