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the future of tablet computers

Having lived without an iPad for so long (because they didn’t exist), then getting one, then “upgrading” to a MacBook Air and selling my iPad, I feel like I am qualified to comment on the future of the iPad and the tablet industry in general.

I yearn for the flexibility and portability of my iPad. I miss the wonderful battery life. I am frustrated by the limitations of a laptop form factor. I enjoy borrowing my wife’s iPad and reading or net browsing on it. I cannot convince my daughters they need anything more than their iPads for school. I sort out arguments between my boys over whose turn it is on mum’s iPad. I love watching movies on the iPad. I find it very easy using the onscreen keyboard on the iPad. I rarely come accross things I cannot do on an iPad that I will need a PC for… and for every rare time I do, the opposite occurs too. I can take my iPad places a laptop just looks awkward. I could buy three iPads for the price of one MacBook. I love how I can rotate the screen in any way on the iPad. I miss the intuitiveness of the touch screen interface. My hands hurt less after a week on an iPad vs a MacBook. I love looking at the retina screen on the new iPad, text is just amazing. I love the natural full screen mode each app works in on an iPad, there are such fewer distractions. I love the way I can switch between apps using multitouch gestures on the iPad. I get blown away with how skilled my little children are on an iPad and how much they learn using it. I am so impressed with the amount of educational tools available for the iPad and the degree to which it has been adopted by schools already in its short life. I rest easy knowing that it’s virtually impossible for my wife or children to accidentally install a virus on their iPad. I will be getting another iPad very soon (God willing).

So here’s my “future of the tablet industry” commentary.

Tablets will replace virtually all laptops and desktop computers. The End.

the new iPhone 5 and more stuff, like the foo fighters

the new iPhone 5 and more stuff, like the foo fighters

Well done Google on doing what was right