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iPad 3 or 2

originally published 9th April 2012

A month after upgrading to the new iPad several things make me feel

that it was not a worthwhile purchase. Please note though, I still

think it is the best device on the market in its category.

No promised hot spot.I contacted apple and was told my enquiry would be “escalated” and that many calls had been placed about the problem, essentially no menu option to activate the hot spot feature so other devices can use my iPad to connect to the internet. No correspondence has been received yet though, and I am none the wiser. It may very well be a network (i.e. Optus) issue, however my iPhone 4S is on Optus and has no problem activating it’s hotspot feature. I will try swapping sim cards in the coming days and let you know what happens. Either way, Apple was unable to tell me how I could get the feature to work in Australia.

No 4G Let’s be clear on this. Australia DOES have 4G, (albeit limited thus far). I have read numbers of articles stating that poor old Oz and Europe don’t have 4G networks yet. This isn’t the case. 4G just doesn’t actually refer to any specific bandwidth, and thus has no uniform meaning. The 4G networks I can access in Australia are a different bandwidth to those my iPad can access, so I feel a little shortchanged having 4G written all over the box and it being completely useless to me. I was surprised Apple chose to market it like that. I noticed Apple is looking to hire an Australian iOS regional specialist to handle specific regional issues on iOS devices. Might have been something that slipped through the cracks, but hopefully they’ll improve their systems and it won’t happen again. Besides, they have offered me a refund until April 25 2012 if I so choose. I’m sure Tim Cook is spewin about the money he could have saved by putting less radio devices in the iPads destined for overseas.

There has been a lot of arguing on line about whether the new iPad got too hot or not. One of the best things about my iPad 2 was watching movies on my lap, and not getting cooked like a laptop. The iPad 3 is MOST DEFINITELY warm, too warm at times and CAN get uncomfortable. I live in a very warm climate, and often a 45 degree celsius slab lying on your legs can really suck. It’s warm enough to need to move it, or change hands. Not a complete deal breaker, but having used my iPad 2 so heavily, I really noticed the extra warmth.

HD Content
Yes, the screen is beautiful. It’s the best I’ve seen, and it’s awesome for reading text. But for me to stream HD Video content from the net to take advantage of the screen really is not practical. To download a normal 1.2 gig movie off iTunes takes my broadband where I live about 2.5-3 hours. I can JUST stream ABC iview content (not if someone else in the house is doing anything on the net) and I cannot stream HD YouTube content. Besides, who pays the extra to rent or buy an iTunes movie in HD? I guess if I had better net speeds I would get some use from the retina display. BTW I’m not the type of person who browses through photos on the iPad (or anything else for that matter) very often.

Not the battery life. That’s fine. It’s the time it takes to charge. It feels way longer than my iPad 2.

So I still have my iPad 2. It’s a 32G 3G white model, now used by my wife and 2 young children. My 2 older children have iPad 3’s (16G wifi).

I pick up the iPad 2 at times and go “mmm, that’s lite”. I go grab my iPad 3 off charge and go “errr, only 80%…”. I go to take a photo with my iPad 3… Wait, no I don’t.

Still, the screen is nice. And now that you can’t get the iPad 2 in any configuration other than 16G I wouldn’t get one, although it may suit most people. And if you are on a budget, I can’t think of anything you can do (in Australia) on the new iPad you won’t be able to do on the iPad 2. You can grab one from Target for $400. Bargain.

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