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So what's actually new on this iPhone?

At first glance you might be thinking meh, not much has changed.

So here’s a quick rundown on what’s new in the iPhone 5 from the 4S.

So Apple added a new A6 chip making the phone twice as fast, a new digital and smaller and reversible dock, new microphone, new speakers, new earpiece, they improved the already awesome retina screen so colours are even richer, the battery life is better, the camera has a sapphire crystal lens cover to stop scratches, it’s actually lighter than the 4S, it’s thinner too (thinnest in the world they claim), they made completely new headphones which are a vast improvement, it looks beautiful with the diamond cut chamfers (my opinion), added 5GHz wifi, 4G LTE, added low light camera function, improved the front camera to 1.2MP from VGA, you can now take stills while filming, and… umm… oh yeah, it’s taller. 16x9 is the aspect ratio.

And the price stayed the same.

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