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The day all my DVD's got stolen

credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/limowreck666/

It was 2005.

I had just moved to Coolum Beach on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, and I was excited and a little nervous about being there.

I knew no-body except one ex-girlfriend, but I had found a small apartment to rent right near the beach.

I had parked all my (few) things inside and left for the day to go sort out other “moving” stuff.

When I returned later that day, the door was open. To my horror, a large bag was missing with all my photo albums, DVD’s and basketball shoes.

I was gutted. I had just returned from Bali and had enlarged my DVD movie collection nicely. And a whole heap of them I hadn’t even watched yet. (I don’t advocate buying illegal DVDs any more of course.) Plus all my DVDs I had bought over the years or received as presents were gone too.

And I still used film in a camera back then, so all the Bali holiday photos were missing too.

I think that experience scarred me a little, because I stopped buying DVDs and can’t recall taking another photo on anything except a phone for a long time after that.

Then, years later, I discovered iTunes. I could buy movies and store them digitally. But still, my computer could get stolen or the hard drive could fail so I would have had to make back up discs (who does that really?).

But now it’s 2012. My prayers and pain has been heard, and iTunes allows you to keep your movies in the cloud. That means if you buy a movie, you can download it, watch it, delete it, re-download it, watch it again, have your computer fail, get a new computer, re-download it again… you get the idea. Your collection is now safe from the naughty people.

And as for the photo albums, I will now be parking my photos on Flickr (at least I’m trying it out). It will allow me (for a small fee) to store the original size photo and I don’t have to worry about running out of space, getting them stolen or damaged etc.

I know people have concerns about security when storing stuff in the cloud, and they are right- there are real concerns. But I personally feel a lot more secure employing Apple or Yahoo! to safe guard my movie collection or photo’s than a Lockwood door handle.

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