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the ethics of amazon vs apple

buy an amazon tablet and you get it for cheaper… but you are forced to watch ads for the life of that product. amazon hope you will end up spending more money eventually with them because of this.

buy an apple ipad and you will pay more for it up front. but you are then free to enjoy the content you put on it ad free… unless you choose specific apps that have ads built in. so apple are up front with you. they will make a profit from you on the sale of the device, and they will have to ensure that you have an awesome experience using it, and that content for it is both easily accessible and appropriate for you to want to purchase it.

i kind of feel like amazon is a cigarette company handing out free samples. 

or at the very least, i feel like they are more interested in selling me tonnes of content than providing a magical device that i will love to use.

the temptation of success

The word iPhone can now mean anything