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The future of Advertising is EXTREME RELEVANCE

Well, I sure hope it is.

We all know how hammered we get with ads these days. We literally don’t even notice them any more.

The one company I have the most regard for, Apple, I have never actually seen an ad of theirs on TV or in a magazine.

FB advertising and company’s pages are so common already that we tune out from them with great ease now, and if you are one of twitter’s most valuable pair of eyes, you’ve probably paid $50 to app.net in the hope that they will succeed without the need to pepper you with paid messages all day long.

I rarely watch paid television or read a newspaper any more, but when I do I rarely notice an ad that might actually be relevant to me.

But there is one form of advertising that manages to get my attention, and my dollars.

If I am listening to a podcast, one on a very specific topic for a specific audience, and on it a product that is obviously relevant to the topic and to me is presented, I am only too keen to give it a go. I feel like the podcast presenters actually care, in offering a product that would clearly be suitable for the bulk of their listeners.

If it’s a tech podcast, the presenter doesn’t offer me a McDonalds burger or a new car, he will offer me something I am highly likely to be interested in.

I think the advertiser would get better mileage from this type of advertising too, as they are reaching a RELEVANT audience, not just a big random crowd.

So a message to advertisers; put some thought into it, meet me where I enjoy to hang out, and offer me something that will benefit my life, that I will be interested in. I’m not advocating you read my email or poison my computer with your so called baked biscuits. I mean if you are selling a car, think about where the car enthusiasts like to spend time and go there. If you are selling your app, what would your potential customer be listening to or doing? What blogs does your audience read etc.

I know advertisers have always aimed for this, but nowadays it’s very possible to find advocates of your products with small but devoted audiences who will be happy to try your product and tell their larger friend network if your product is good.

If your product sucks, you are wasting your time trying this though. Because the podcaster or blogger isn’t going to burn their credibility hawking your wares. They would lose their audience in a heartbeat.

Therein lies the beauty.