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what i want in a new iphone

The more I think about the purported new iPhone design, the less disappointed I am feeling with the lack of greater width. In fact, I think the current width of the iPhone is the perfect grab-able size, and the perfect slip in your pocket size.

But a bit more height would be brilliant. The odd movie I watch would be nice on a bigger screen, reading articles on the web or the odd ebook would be a little more efficient, and I could enjoy photos with a bit more ease. All without the need to be carrying around a phone the size of a small dinner plate.

I am very much looking forward to the headphone jack being at the bottom, as I use a leather case that hinges at the top, thus covering the jack when closed. Having the jack and dock connector at the same end makes sense (for most things).

iOS 6 probably has a few surprises up its sleeve, but lately I have been really hankering for the ‘do not disturb’ feature. I have actually resorted to turning off all push notifications at the moment until the feature arrives.

I’m thinking apple will have a better battery for me on the 5, and the camera will be a slight improvement. Can’t see them putting too much effort into it on this model, it’s already class leading on smartphones.

Other than NFC which isn’t a real need until the merchants of the world upgrade their equipment, I don’t really need my phone to do a lot more. There are so many awesome app ideas the devs are coming up with each day that the phone’s functionality grows without apple needing to do much at all.

My real list of wants probably applies to what I would like certain apps to be able to do.

btw here’s what I do to get by until NFC is ubiquitous.
I shove my Visa card in the sleeve of my phone pocket. It has a feature called paywave. When I am at a retailer that has paywave equipment at there point of sale (McDonalds, Dome and Bunnings mostly) I just hold my phone up to the terminal to pay. It looks like I’m using my phone to pay, and that’s what a lot of people think I’ve just done, and it saves me a good 15 seconds of my life at each purchase. (no big deal I know but it makes me feel like I’m living on the cutting edge.)

NFC stands for near field communications, or something like that. It’s the ability to use your phone like a credit card.

Well done Google on doing what was right

The New iPod Lineup

The New iPod Lineup