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Why I will be ignoring all iPad Mini Articles

I want a smaller iPad. So it would stand to reason that I would be keeping an eye out for any tidbits of information that may leak through the Apple wall and onto my 11” Air’s monitor.

But if I so much as catch a whiff of an iPad Mini/Air/Nano/Squirt rumour or part or blueprint or whatever I will be splat W-ing the the page (fyi on macs command+w = close open browser tab) as quick as you can say macrumorsmustdie.

And this is why. I had been hanging out for the new iPhone, and I love to read all the latest tech happenings so I naturally came across all the rumours and photos and leaked parts etc that appeared all over the web about the iPhone 5. I even blogged about it myself to keep my readers up to speed on what to expect in the coming flagship Apple device.

But when I was watching/reading the live blog of the keynote, and detail after detail was revealed CONFIRMING all the plausible rumours and tech media consensus, I was left feeling rather deflated.

Not because of any shortcoming with the iPhone 5 mind you. But because I had behaved like a child opening his christmas presents early and then hoping to be surprised come christmas day.

I like the opening of the present. I like the feeling of seeing something prepared and presented in a manner that is delightful and pleasing to the senses.

I don’t watch the DVD extras and “making of” movie specials. It spoils the magic. For that matter, I don’t watch “how the magicians do it” shows either. 

You know what else I hate? I hate movie trailers that tell me the entire plot of the movie. I love trailers, but if I’m watching one on my Apple TV and it starts to reveal the plot, I kill it. Or if half way through the trailer I have decided this is worth a rent, that’s the end of that, I don’t need to finish watching the trailer.

I watched the keynote for the iPhone 5 when it became available, and I decided I wanted the phone for sure. But I realised I had sabotaged my own ability to be more genuinely delighted by the unveiling of the iPhone 5 by reading all those rumours about it. 

So I have decided that I will, within my power, avoid any article that makes mention of any new iPad miniaturised edition other than that which advises me of when it will officially be announced. It may be difficult, I may have to wipe my RSS readers, reduce the amount of preview lines in my email, scan through Zite quicker than normal, ignore some tweets, unfollow some tweeters and change gmail’s image downloading settings…

But it will be worth it. I want that feeling back.

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